DIY wooden frame wood multifunction Sketchpad deZqXE21

DIY wooden frame wood multifunction Sketchpad deZqXE21

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  • [Grow paradise] 8-inch: 23.5 * cm 5cm around, weight about 125g/piece, 100 piece/box; Purpose: This sketchpad Keyi color paint of mud, acrylic paint, powder Painting paint, gouache paint and other are Keyi. Note: This sketchpad does not including any accessories, paint accessories and other, other to be alone to buy
  • Make : Grow paradise
  • Item No. : DIY025000
  • Material : Wood
  • Suitable for age : 12-year-old
  • Suitable for age : 11-year-old
  • Suitable for age : 10-year-old
  • Suitable for age : 9-year-old
  • Suitable for age : 8-year-old
  • Suitable for age : 7-year-old
  • Suitable for age : 6-year-old
  • Suitable for age : 5-year-old
  • Suitable for age : 4T

The park to lose. 8-inch wood multi-functional board DIY creative drawing frame children's early hand painting

Size description:
8 inch: 23.5*18.5 5cm, weighing about 125g/, 100-piece/box;
10 inch: 29*23.5 5cm, weighing about 170g/, -60/box;
12 inch: 33.5 * 28cm, weighing about 210G/A, 50 pieces/carton;
16-inch: 44*33. 5cm, weighing about 330G/, 40 PCs/carton;

Material: solid wood frame + flocked Board;

Delivery: Default pattern random assorted delivery, the pattern of many.

Purpose: this board can color pigments include zhen zhu ni, propylene pigment, gilt picture paint, pigment paint etc can.

Note: This Board does not contain any accessories, paint and other accessories, additional purchased separately.

Visual in the spacious smaller, imagination, and therefore restricted? NO!

The painted in, it still can run free, especially as a group of rich ultra-strength imaginative child. So, for one perspective, painted is not only an art, also is a let parents and friends approached the child, really read the child of the inner world of the bridge.

Children's learning painted the benefits of how much do you know?
The early development of the compulsory = painted?

What are the required courses for don't need to, you might take a look at the following points:

1, memory, improve the ability may see the kids there is no art at all of the painted, the people's first reaction is doodles, it's understandable, roogo children's of painted in full compliance with. The door of the aesthetic point of view, that can not imagine, such as Apple because of imitation Apple isn't a real re-creation. But this doesn't mean that the painted Zopin is meaningless, just in our adult thinking in the missing children Zopin understanding of the ingredients. In their opinion, one small circle is the small cloud, one human image, A few thickness uneven line is a house, a few trees, Roogo we careful observation, the ancients the earliest use of the Jia Gu Wen like children's unconscious memory Oh! For example, the following these painted Zopin. The children will be to feel foreign objects when stored in my mind of the memories through, and then with tender innocent way abstract expression. There's even a psychologists believe that children in the 5-year-old former creative is the highest, almost be equated with painted master. They painted the content is not empty, is a form of memory, just expression not adults we used to have to accept the way.

2, to observe, to improve the ability, this is how children observation ability of performance, not fixed pattern restrictions they can pay attention to many adults have not noticed that the details of, their inner world sometimes more than adults also sensitive.

3, the ability to imagine the because we talk to the child's imagination, cognitive difference there. Adults like rules, the real thing, and the child in the world is full of fairy tale romance, the flowers will sing, SUN beard bunny with a balloon, TV set with two hands. This is the imagination of the best performance. At the same time, the use of the color can appear children bold imagination, in accordance with their own interest, will free form apply color, the red little green house, Blue, Cat, but don't use the outrageous to understand what they were seeing were in the world, because in their eyes, the world is rich and colorful.

4, emotional, timely vent children has a nature of the children's interest and strong desire, their emotions page. They can't use the language to express the inner world, by hand and brain combination of painted to produce. That is to say, in fact, every picture are children true inner thoughts of the picture, it is a child's mood external performance. Tell you one little secret: Roogo of graffiti in line stiff, hybrid, overlapping, dark, these instructions, at this moment, he might be in the middle of bad moods. On the contrary, Roogo children graffiti on the lines of the soft, rich color, bright, said the child's emotional is healthy, the mood was also good.

5, painted to make about the brain with work, these will promote the Left's intellectual development. The painted, children inadvertently cultivating for color, shape, and spacious position judgment of cognitive ability, these are right the intelligence development beneficial. So, painted can simultaneously activity around the brain. In constant painted the creative process, the children will continue to break the original thinking and the box. Accept to the outside world of something new, inspired the brink, left and right brain and started.

6, painted process exercise of all kinds of ability from the simple graffiti, children in the constant innovation, from the beginning of the motion of the line to the sense of shape, to color, and then to the content, creativity can play an unlimited. From a large amount of children painted Zopin and children painted in the process, we can learn, children painted a enhance memory, promote children observation, children of the power of the imagination. It is made from a delicate fine powers of observation, the image of the thinking ability, high efficiency of memory, the creation imagination, plus get started with the coordination of the Movement and rich expressive power of the composition. These abilities but supplements can't easily do it!

7, painted a Emoji may in the form of a painted is also a kind of art, it's music, dance, as rich as, can be said to be human emoji expressive of a form. No matter is a child or adult painted Zopin, with the personal factors in there. You know, there is no feeling of Zopin is stiff and rigid, no life. So, to your children with art, you might as well let him try! And, of course, interest is the best teacher and can not be ignored.

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